Three Little Witches

I doodle a lot.  I doodle for fun, to relax and to create.  It is more than just a part of my job.  I would go as far as to say it is a part of my lifestyle.  I doodled these three little witches two nights ago with my favorite Sharpie marker and shared them on Instagram.  I decided to share wholeheartedly and offer them as a free download, a challenge of sorts.  Here it is and it is a FREE printable!

I already started.  I cut them apart and colored them to create pieces for one a Halloween popcorn box for the blog hop on Sunday.

I see these witches as me and my friends,  I have the kitty.  You can see the whole setup on Sunday when I post my project but here is a sneak peek!

If you download it and use it to create something, please share it with the hashtag #3littlewitches – I’d love to see what you do.

Cheers to WICKED Doodling,


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Yay, I am a Krylon Spray Paint Make It Yours Winner

It’s true!  I am a winner which makes me super happy!!!  That door that I brought from my home in Iowa and upcycled into a desk creates quite a PINK blast of happy for my studio and now has earned my bragging rights!  Check out how I made it here!

And better yest, find out about all of the winners and what they created HERE!

You can also find the projects that were entered into the contest on Pinterest.  There is an E-Book from Krylon pack filled with inspiration.  You can download it and find some truly fabulous projects!

There is a great contest running too.  You could win this…

You can enter here!

Happy Painting,


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Halloween Fun With Sculpey Clays of All Kinds – Have a Clay-Date

I had my friend Laura who blogs over at Housewife Hellraiser over for a Clay Date and wowza, she can rock the Sculpey.  Over snacks and laughter, we molded and clayed.  Check out what she made on her blog.

A few weeks ago I shared this over on the blog at Sculpey.  It is no secret that I LOVE playing with and creating with clay.  I made the Tic-Tac-Toe pieces with Pluffy.

If you want the free Tic-Tac-Toe Halloween printable, you can get it here or by clicking on the picture of it.

I decided to make a spider to use for my Halloween Popcorn Box for the Blog Hop Party this weekend!  I got out my design portfolio for inspiration and created a sketch then gathered up my supplies.

Here is a picture tutorial of how I made it.

And here she is, ready to party in the Popcorn Box Blog Hop!

I would like to also share a few little things that my girls created.  This little witch that sits on my desk was made completely by Zoe, age 9, with Bake Shop Clay.  There are so many AWESOME colors in the Bake Shop collection.

And this adorable little pumpkin was designed by Jordan, age 11, to add to the fairy garden.  She used Sculpey III.

No matter which clay you like best, the creative possibilities are endless!  Molding with clay is relaxing, therapeutic, fun and so rewarding.  I hope you are inspired to go get some and get making.

If you want to win a little Sculpey stash to get started, enter here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Mini Gratitude Journals For Kids

November is such a fun month for creating projects that celebrate gratitude and thankfulness.  With the closing of the harvest season and the sharing of Thanksgiving, here is a great way to get kids in on the action with a mini gratitude journal.

To make these you will need the following materials and supplies:

The first step is to create a thumbprint turkey.  To do this rub the thumb in wet watercolor paint and press onto the paper.  When it is dry, add the legs and feathers with a black Sharpie marker (permanent will keep watercolor painting from smudging your lines) then add color with the paints.   Let it dry.

Next, cut the turkey out and glue it to the top of the composition book.  You can glue paper underneath it first if you want to add that step to cover the book design.  Then glue on your detail pieces for eyes and such or draw them with the Sharpie.


Now the journal is ready to fill with all of the things that make us thankful.   My family comes first to mind.  How about you?

Happy Creating a Place to Share your Heart,


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DIY Trick or Treat Bags

There are so many great DIY Trick-Or-Treat bag blog posts out there with tutorials and inspiration.  I created this trick-or-treating bag this year with a little help from my stash of Tulip One-Step Tie Dyes and some random ribbon from my studio.

I used the standard band and die technique to dye the bag in the colors of a candy corn.

I think Mogi likes it!

Here are some other great ways you can create your own trick-or-treat bags for the Halloween season of collecting candies, goodies and treats.  They are numbered so you can click on the links below the picture to get to the post that shares that bag project.

  1. Duck Tape Trick or Treat Bag
  2. Trick or Treat Bags with HeatnBond
  3.  Paint Your Own Treat Bags
  4. Last Minute Trick or Treat Bag
  5. Trick or Treat Totes
  6. Tie Dye Treat Bag
  7. Glow in the Dark Trick or Treat Tote
  8. Handprint Ghost Bag
  9. Skull Treat Bag
  10. Doll Sized Treat Bag
  11. Trick or Treat Bag with Buttons

I sure hope this helps get you inspired to create something festive and usable for Halloween night for your little trick-and-treaters!



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My Mom’s Stromboli with Hillshire Farm’s Jimmy Dean Sausage

First of all, this post is sponsored.  I don’t do many sponsored posts but when I found out that could spread the love of my mom’s awesome stromboli recipe with Jimmy Dean sausage AND shop at the Safeway (the closest grocery store to our new home in Colorado) AND be compensated, I was  total “YES”!!!  I mean for realz, don’t you want a bite?  Truth is, we use a lot of awesome products from Hillshire Brands™ and this is just one of them!

I headed out to Safeway this afternoon.  Check out the sky. How amazing and blue is it?!

Then I came home and immediately got the sausage that I purchased out.

I browned it right away which of course drew everyone into the kitchen with it’s fantastic aroma.  My family LOVES this recipe that belonged to my mom.  Here it is!


  • 1 cup browned Jimmy Dean sausage
  • 8 slices Provolone Cheese,
  • Lunchmeat Ham
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Bread Dough (either frozen loaf or refrigerated)
It is so easy!  You simply lay out the dough on a cookie sheet.  Place the ingredients down the center in the order above then fold the sides shut.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until browned.  Let it cool for 5-10 minutes before slicing and serving.  We like it with salad.  The sausage provides a great go-to source of protein for us which is important as we are a busy-on-the-go bunch.
Zoe was anxiously waiting for me to finish taking the photograph.  She immediately sat down and started eating it when I said I was done with the camera session.  I did, however, sneak a picture of her.
This stromboli is great cold too.  It is fabulous for picnics and holiday pot-luck gatherings.  It reheats like a charm and is always the first to be gone around here!  After all, it is filled with Jimmy Dean sausage goodness!!!
Safeway  has lots of Hillshire Brands™   products that can help you add protein to your meals.  The Safeway Just 4 You program is an awesome way to save money and find out about special offers.  There is a great coupon for this sausage here as well as coupons for many of their other great products.
Here are several other great recipes using products from Hillshire Farms…
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A Little Sharing For a Lot of Heart

Start here!  Listen to what these women have to share!

This post is not sponsored.  I write it because it matters to me.  It is only October 15th and this month has already proven to be a very long emotional journey for me.  Let me start by sharing again in case you missed it, my mom DIED from breast cancer.  If you knew her, you loved her.  She had a spirit that was free from all judgement.  She lived from the place of her dreams, not her ego.  She was a fabulous high school teacher and participated in the lives of her students, friends and neighbors 100%  More than that, she was the matriarch, the leader, the biggest contribution to my family.  She died because by the time her cancer was discovered it had metastasized and spread like poison.  For four months we held her, cared for her and loved her…all the way until she took her last breath and disappeared to the Cosmic Cafe.

I got some feedback from a friend this week about my recent post.  She shared that my story and my mom were so meaningful.  That my story was too important to mix up with pink fluffy awareness and contest stuff.  I knew it already.  I guess I needed to hear it.  I needed permission on some level to really share just because.  Just because sharing heals.  I sat on the floor of my closet looking through pictures of me and my mom after that conversation and I cried.  I cried until gooey substances were dripping from my nose and I couldn’t see anymore.  My sleeve was used up.  I needed that!

This month is very pink and I have always made the most of the opportunity to participate…year after year since 2003 when I lost her. For my Kunin Felt Dream Team post, I shared my pillow that I sewed to support a cause that I think sounds amazing.  I found out about it through Fairfield World’s blog.

Here is my pillow.

I shipped it to Fave Crafts.  I hope it ends up in the arms of a survivor and somehow it brings them comfort.  It is designed to sit under the arm and provide comfort to sore breasts.  I wish someone sent one of these when my mom needed one.  Burnt skin from radiation and stitched up wounds from surgery are painful!  When I explained to my girls why it didn’t really look like a heart and what it was really for, they wanted to make some more.  So we did.  We even practiced a little pretend quilting.I love this project because it is real.  It really gets into the hands and hearts of those who need, the survivors as they battle.  So much of this month has become about the fluff.  I think this really landed hard yesterday when Laura Neiman and I were driving down the road and she read this post to me from her friend, Brandi.  Get some tissues.  And I quote…

“Today is Metastatic Breast Cancer Day. The only day out of all of Pinktober devoted to the breast cancer that actually kills. You will NOT die of breast cancer in the breast, it only becomes fatal once the cancer metastasizes out of the breast to different organs. The average survival rate for a woman who has metastatic breast cancer is 2-3 years. I have metastatic breast cancer that has spread to a lymph node in my abdomen and my liver. I am in my second year with metastatic breast cancer. As it stands right now, this disease will likely claim my life in 1-2 years. October (normally my favorite month!) is a very depressing month, when you are living with terminal breast cancer. There is pink everywhere. On football players, at the grocery store, in restaurants, parades, t-shirts, cups, coffee, pepper spray, you name it – it has been pinked.

This is depressing for 2 reasons. One, the people who buy said pink products are doing so because they believe they are doing a great thing. They want to help try and eradicate this disease. What they don’t realize is that very, very little of their money is actually going into research of metastatic breast cancer – again, the ONLY breast cancer that will kill you. Two, it is depressing to see wealthy corporations getting richer on people’s good intentions, when they are in fact donating very little (and sometimes not at all!) money to any breast cancer foundations, let alone research. The large pink machines have done such a good job marketing, that I often hear that breast cancer is the cancer to get, or worse…people are so over pinked that they think breast cancer has enough money. Awareness certainly has enough money. Actual research is woefully underfunded, receiving only 2% of funds. That is 2% going to the ONLY breast cancer that WILL kill you. The video I linked does a good job explaining what I’ve just written above. As someone who WILL die of this disease unless more research is funded, I urge you to think before you pink. Think before you post silly meme’s on the internet, which do nothing, or post silly little facebook status’. I KNOW that my friends who have have passed along these messages think they are doing a wonderful thing to support people like me. I know your hearts! But if you want to really make a difference and possibly save my life…I need RESEARCH.

So instead of buying into the pink machine, which is run by CEO’s making VERY high 6 figure salaries, I urge you to make donations that will matter. Donations that will go to fund actual research. Two very reputable donations are Metavivor (100% of donations go directly to metastatic breast cancer research) and Stand Up To Cancer (an organization which awards grants to researchers who come together and work collaboratively instead of competitively on researching all types of cancer). You can make a difference in finding a cure, or at least more drugs that will allow women (and men) with metastatic breast cancer to manage their cancer chronically and live longer. I always say that all I need is TIME for the science to catch up  I am hopeful that with more money to research, more and more drugs will come out to buy me time. I have hope. I try to fully live each day and focus on the positives in my life instead of negative. I urge all of you out there to do the same. I can honestly say that the last 2 years of my life (despite having a terminal disease) have been the most wonderful and amazing yet. Life is good! If you made it this far, thank you for listening! I will post a comment with the websites for two reputable places I listed above.”

Here are those two websites.

I am embarrassed and ashamed by how much I have bought into the fluff!  And so I sign off this time with no Cheers.  With no Happy Crafting.  With no Celebration.  I sign out with a message.  When you act on the PINKNESS of the month, do it will thought.  We are all aware, very aware of what breast cancer is.  It is time for action.  Real action that creates research that changes the game.  If I can be a percentage of a part of something that has any other woman not lose her mother when she is only 34 years old and raising three little kids to this crappy cancer, I will feel as if I have done something.  I want to be part of that plan!



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