Easy Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip

This is the easiest and most yummy dip going around our house right now.  It is perfect for an after school snack and even better for FOOTBALL!!!  Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip is awesome sauce on crackers, pretzels and veggie sticks.  It is SO easy that this post is going to be quick…

These are the ingredients you will need…

  • 1 C Sour Cream Softened
  • ½ C Wing Sauce From a Bottle
  • 1 Block Cream Cheese
  • 1 Cup Baked Chicken Chopped Small (Rotisserie from the supermarket works great!)
  • 2 TBSP Hidden Valley Ranch Powder

Mix them all together and ta-da, that’s it.  You can heat it up or eat it chilled.  Both way are super delicious.

Happy Snacking,


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Udderly Awesome Valentines Day Printable

If you know me, then you know that I have super sensitive and dry skin.  Living in Colorado and working with crafty materials day in and day out WOULD leave my skin a disaster if it weren’t for my fantabulous supply of Udderly Smooth creams and lotions.  I LOVE them so much that I am giving them to friends for Valentines Day.  I am excited to share my udderly awesome Valentines Day printable so you can too!

Isn’t it so cute.  You can print them for free  HERE and cut them out.

I adhered mine to a piece of red card stock to make it even cuter and attached it with raffia.

Becuase I love to have fun and also love the Redex company that makes these awesome lotions and creams, I decided to make a little fun page too.

You can also download it for free right HERE or by clicking on the picture.

The tags would also be cute attached to other cow treats like Horizon crackers, String Cheeses or home baked cow shaped cookies.  Of course it would be a smashing tag for this Duncan Ceramics cow that I painted too.

Enter to win Udderly Smooth to give 6 of your friends AND some for you too (along with a $10 gift card to Target to get some happy packaging materials).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Valentines Day.  Happy Healthy Skin.  Happy Everything!



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Tie Dyeing in the Snow For Valentines Day Pet Bows

At CHA last week, I attended the Fave Crafts Blogger Event and it was awesome sauce fun.  When I got home, a package arrived with products from the sponsors…one of which is iLoveToCreate.  Yay, I got a Tulip One Step tie-dye kit.  I used it (along with some red from another kit I had on hand) to create bows for my pets.  After all it is almost Valentines Day.

It is sooooo easy peasy.  I used a scrap of an old sheet.

I added some rubber bands then got it wet and took it outside.

I squirted the dyes in red and pink all over it on the bush (in the snow).

It was fun.  Of course the red dye on the snow could be a bit alarming to someone coming to my front door so I added a heart in the snow.

Then I put it in a bag for 6 hours before rinsing completely.


It hung by the fire to dry.

I ripped it up into strips.


Then I tied them to their little fluffy necks.

If you decide to give them as gifts, you can use my Puppy die from Sizzix and my custom stamp from Expressionery to create adorable tags.  Like this.

So fun!  Tie dyeing makes me happy.



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Celebrating National Pie Day PIE-OGRAPHY Style

Yesterday I was on the phone chatting with Michele Muska and I mentioned that tomorrow is going to be National Pie Day.  She followed up with sharing all about the book Pie-Ography with me and how honored she is to have her pie on the cover.  The book features 42 recipes by 39 extraordinary women!  It also share their stories in mini biographies.  It is genius!  Today the doorbell rang and it was the FedEx man with an overnight package!  She sent me a copy of the book.

She even signed it which makes it super special.

Now it can join the other books I have from artist, designer and creative friends that have signed their books for me.  This shelf is my happy shelf.  It is a reminder of the connections between creative souls.  It is inspiration for me to get another book happening.

My friend Laura Neiman was over and we flipped through the book, chose recipes and dashed out to Sprouts to buy ingredients with camera in hand.

I think we spread some pie love.  Mike in the produce department (who helped us find rhubarb and smiled the whole time) has been promised a delivery of a piece of pie tomorrow.

And Amy is getting one too.  She wants a piece of the one Laura N. baked, the always changing brownie pretzel pie!

Spreading authentic happy is just the best.  We got back to my house and got to work.  I baked the pie in the book that exemplifies the personality and the lifestyle of Michele.  Each pie was contributed by an amazing woman and with the recipes there are biographies of them.  The are all fascinating.  I found out that Michele is a bit crazier than I thought and that the depth of her talent is fantabulous.  The book was put together by Jo Packham, the founder of Where Women Cook as well as Where Women Create.  I have had the pleasure of meeting her and she is amaze balls awesome.  She has a very special way of creating connections that matter and a great smile too.

Michele’s pie is the Midsummer Night’s Dream Pie (Rhubarb, Peach and Raspberry).

I have to say, I am quite proud of the way my crust came out.  I have never been so successful with the part of the pie thing.

When the pies came out of the oven, we just stared at them, giggled and gawked at our creations.

That chocolate looking pie in the photo was baked by Laura from Housewife Hellraiser.  Check out what she has to say over on her blog!

Tomorrow we will eat the pies.  I invited some friends over after the kiddos are all in school and we will drink coffee, eat pie (and ice cream) and grow as humans.  That’s what happens.  We are all connected.  Sharing, baking, reading, loving and giving is what it’s all about.  After they leave I will hop over to Sprouts with pie deliveries.  Stay tuned, I will share about that soon because I used my Sizzix machine and a Laura Kelly custom stamp from Expressionery to make some really adorable gift tags to go with the pie.

Happy National Pie Day.   I hope yours is super sweet.



PS:  We had some extra crust so we made a mini pie with the crust from Michele’s and the guts from Christi’s recipe (with a few berries and pretzels on top) and baked it.  It is cute.  We named it Friendship Connection Pie.



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Re-Inspired by a Kid Cross Stitching Kit – The Traveling Hedgehog Jar

When I was growing up, we cross stitched.  I mean the whole family cross stitched.  My mom had elaborate patterns and projects and we did kid sized stuff.  I made pillows for my dolls and rugs for my doll house.  I made ornaments for the Christmas tree and gifts for friends.  And then one day I didn’t anymore.  I don’t really remember when I stopped.  I just did.  Until yesterday.

At the CHA show last week, I attended a blogger event held by Fave Crafts.  One of the sponsors (Dimensions by E.K. Success) shipped all of the attendees products to try out.  My box came.  I opened it.  It was this adorable hedgehog cross stitch kit (for kids) so I did it.  I stopped what I was doing and I just did it.  The kit was awesome.  It had everything I needed and excellent directions for those who need them.  I sat in front of the fireplace and stitched while jamming to Mindy Gledhill.

It is so relaxing and fun.  I altered it a bit from the pattern to make it themed for Valentines Day.  I love the way it is the perfect size to decorate the lid to a jar.  I call this a total score!

I just think…so…cute!

A while back (like years really), I asked my dear friend Jennifer Margeson to do me a favor.  She is a serious for real cross stitcher.  I asked her to use my frog design that I have in my Valentine (Oodles of Love) portfolio collection and cross stitch it.  She did and I have it.  I thought it would be a good idea to license my simple bright and fun designs for this amazing craft.  I am re-inspired.  I even found a place online where I can turn my designs into patterns…so I did.

Here you go.  The downloadable pattern is HERE free!  You can make the Love Heart Frog too.

The jar of candy was gifted to Laura from Housewife Hellraiser with instructions to eat the candy, fill and send it on to another happy blogger.  Wonder where it will go…

Happy Stitching and Creating,


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DIY 15 Minute Valentines Day Pillow Decor

These pillows can be whipped/stitched up in 14 minutes each to create some adorable DIY Valentines Day decor for your home, office, studio, classroom….even car.  Why not?

You will need the following materials/supplies:

  • Red Felt 2 18 inch squares per pillow ( I used Kunin ecofi Classic)
  • Fabric Hearts (I Used my New HEART die from Sizzix)
  •  Scissors (Fabric and Decorative)
  • Giant Button (These are Radical Red Buttons from my Laura Kelly collection with Buttons Galore)
  • Red Embroidery Floss/Needle
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion
  • Pillow Stuffing (I used Poly Fill from Fairfield)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Sew your two pieces of felt together using the zig-zag stitch 2 inches in from the edge.  Leave a 4 inch opening to stuff the pillow.
  2. Stuff the pillow then sew it shut on the sewing machine.
  3. Trip your edges.  I used decorative fabric scissors.
  4. Stitch your buttons to your hearts then adhere them to the pillow with the Fabric Fusion.  I used the Fabric Fusion sheets but you could use the Quick Dry Fabric Fusion or the tapes too.
I took a picture when I was cutting out the hearts.  I get so giddy every time I use one of these dies that sport my design.  Dreams that come true are so worth the hard work.  Licensing with Sizzix is one of these dreams.

Ta Da!

I think they are rock star cute in my studio.  Where would you put them?

Cheers to DIY Valentines Day,


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It’s all about Stamping LOVE and this is a deal with heart!

Now this is an awesome and amazing stamp and and even better deal on getting it…for three days only!  It is one of my new designs available from Expressionery.Com on self-inking stamps (Love Hearts) and you can have one personalized for you for 60% off!  The promo code is LKLOVE and you can get it HERE from January 21-23, 2015  (So it would be $18 and some change) 


I put this tag on a gift for Calli (Laura N.’s puppy).  If you are wondering what is in the gift, you can find out here!

You could also make these adorable gift tags.  Laura Russell blogs over at Make Life Lovely and she is super creative and fun and fabulous.

I love the way Rina from Mothership Scrapbook Gal put hers to work creating these gift tags.  She always does the best stuff when it comes to paper crafting!



Legal: Receive 60% off the Laura Kelly ‘Love Heart Custom Stamp’ for a limited time only when you use promo code “LKLOVE” at checkout. Valid on new orders through 1/23/2015.  Shipping fees and sales tax are separate. Prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Expressionery.com reserves the right to limit quantities or refuse orders.
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