Adorable DIY Carrot Napkin Art

How cute are these adorable carrot napkins for the Easter table or any fun springtime occasion or event?

To make them you will need dinner size orange napkins, lunch size green napkins and orange raffia or ribbon.  Here are the steps in picture format.

The raffia from World Market is the BEST.  I love the way it dispenses from the end so it doesn’t get all messy when I use it.  They have awesome orange crinkle paper too!

I think they would be equally fun for hiding little surprises in instead of silverware too.  These have rock candy sticks hiding inside for stirring fun beverages.

I think they really make the table cute as carrots.

Happy Creating Carrot Napkin Fun,


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Frame it Up for Earth Day with Collage Pauge

Over the weekend we created these amazing frames to share pictures from the first summer we made our family garden together.  We gathered up leftover scrapbook papers in blues and greens, some recycled tissue papers and even some fabrics and used Collage Pauge to adhere it all to a $1 wooden frame from the craft store.

Jordan had a ball putting layer after layer of papers on to the wooden frame applying the Collage Pauge each step of the way.

Her finished frame is now home to a photo of her in the garden having a ball.

I also created one and had a lot of fun.  I love the way Collage Pauge by I Love to Create doesn’t create any bubbles and works so incredibly smoothly with papers on wood.

Ta da!  We hope you find ways to celebrate the magic of Earth Day.  We should remember to love and take care of Mother Earth every day but especially on April 22nd.



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Why My Local Home Depot is THE BEST for Earth Day and Every Day

Earth Day is coming up and we love to celebrate things that matter to us around here.  Because Home Depot is a sponsor for the SNAP conference that I am getting ready to attend, I decided to visit my local store on a quest for a way to honor the 22nd of April.  I quickly discovered (before even entering the building) that my local Home Depot is not only the best for Earth Day inspiration but for every day shopping and happiness.

The manager greeted me (she was moving plants around) before I ever entered the outdoor garden area.  She was super friendly and kind and connected.  I told her that I was going to SNAP and she was totally aware of what it that means.  She shared that she JUST started a Twitter page for her (0ur) store.  Yay!  I especially love that her apron donned WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP!  I can’t wait to come back from the conference to share my experience with her.

I walked around and did a little shopping.  It may be snowing today out here in Colorado but over the weekend when it was warm, the Home Depot team had LOTS of great flowers and plants merchandised and ready to buy.

I love that there are Proven Winners!

The checking out was equally friendly and professional.  I got great stuff to use for my Earth Day project for my blog, the school and scouts.

How great is that the girl checking me out (aka Lovely January) not only smiled and was cheerful but she speaks FRENCH.  Bonus.  Okay, so not that I do or anything but…

If you are wondering what I created with my purchases, check out yesterday’s blog here.  You can download the printable for free to create your own Earth Day gifts.

We used the Pennington grass blend for class treats.  The kids are going to LOVE planting and watching it grow.

It was awesome fun and we will be ready to spread love for Mother Earth on Earth Day!






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Earth Day Gift Ideas and Free Printable Tags

Hip Hip Hooray!  It is almost Earth Day.  We give Valentine treats to our loves on Valentines Day but we love them every day of the year.  I think we should give Earth Day treats too and still keep loving Mother Earth every day of the year as well.  Here are some ideas for you with a free sheet of printable tags you can download and use for personal use only.

For the Lilac Plant, I made a tag using burlap papers, buttons, floss, Aleene’s Tacky Glue and Collage Pauge.  I cut the squared out in ascending order.  I glued the burlap pieces together and then added the paper square then spread a thick layer of Collage Pauge on top before adding the buttons and punching the hole!

Cute, right?

To make the bag, I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue to attach a thick band of ribbon and buttons from my Buttons Galore and More Collection in Candy Apple Green and Robins Egg Blue.

I filled the bag with soil and seed packets and ta-da, it is an awesome Earth Day gift for a neighbor, friend, teacher or scout leader.

Jordan made 23 grass seed gifts for her classmates using the gift tags and packaging a pre-made mix that we bought at Home Depot.

They are totally adorable.  We added a little note that tells what is in the grass mix with directions for planting too.

She has already started one.  There may be snow on the ground outside but grass is growing in our home.

To download the free printable with the Earth Day gift tags, click here or on the photo below.

Happy Celebrating Mother Earth,


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Earth Day Word Search

It is snowing here today in Colorado and we are preparing for Earth Day.  It seems funny to be playing indoors with dirt and grass seed while snow falls on the ground outside but hey, isn’t every day a great day to celebrate the amazing planet on which we live.  We are not quite ready to share our awesome Earth Day projects, YET…but I do have a word search that I put together to share.

Feel free to download it for free and share it with your kids, friends, classes and Girl Scout troops.  You can download it here or by clicking on the picture below.

Awareness is the beginning.  Let’s work together to care for our Mother Earth.

Have a Great Week,


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Doodling For Earth Day

Yesterday I went shopping at the amazing Guiry’s and was totally overwhelmed with the awesomeness of their selection of art supplies!  I love Colorado and so far everything has been pretty fabulous but this store takes the cake (or should I say takes the color)?  I have been wanted Prismacolor pencils for a LONG time.  I convinced myself it was only because of the awesome packaging and didn’t ever buy them…until yesterday.  I got a new smooth surface bristol board pad and a little easel too.  SCORE!

Last night I doodled up a little Earth Day fun because it is coming up soon and I think it matters!  Today I used the colored pencils to add magic to it and I LOVE it.

Sometimes I think I make being creative too hard.  Simply doodling and coloring creates peace in my mind and joy in my heart.  And for the record, the pencils are totally worth every single solitary penny.  They blend great and the colors are fabulous.

Here is a zoom in close up of my final doodle.  Yay!!!

Happy Doodling and Happy Almost Earth Day,


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Super Easy Crockpot Beef with Veggies Stew

Some days are meant for Crockpot meals because of crazy schedules and stuff.   Yesterday was one of those days so I made up a beef stew with veggies recipe using what I had around.  This is what I put in the Crockpot!

Actual Ingredient List:

  • 1 pound cut up beef (actually was fajita beef but hey, beef is beef)!
  • 16 oz frozen peas
  • 16 oz frozen chopped broccoli
  • 1 diced up onion
  • 30 (about) baby carrots whole
  • 4 stalks of celery sliced thin
  • 16 fingerling potatoes cut in fours
  • Salt, Pepper, Garlic
  • 6 oz Tomato Paste
  • 32 oz Beef Broth

I cooked it on slow for 8 hours and it was awesome!!!

Some people serve stew and soup with crackers.  In our family, we like to eat plain Goldfish Crackers with ours.

Happy SLOWWWWW Cooking,



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