Printable Snowman Craft for Kids

This is an amazing “Guest Post” by Meredith Lee.

It is official.  My first husband, Doug, is getting remarried.  I should be freaked out, right?  Well I am not.  I am super excited for him, and for me.  His fiance Lisa is amazing and her daughter Meredith totally rocks!  Mere spent the night with me last night and we had a bunch of snow, yes SNOW in North Carolina.  She is creative and artsy and fun so we played with my stashes of supplies and she fell in love with Tombow.  She ended up creating a card that made refrigerator door status.

She used my Laura Kelly signature Sharpie to draw a snowman and some fabulous accessories then shaded them with Tombow markers and a blender pen.  She cut them apart and I scanned them in for her use to create something with that would allow the originals to be used to create a printable.

Here is the printable.  Awesome for a 15 year old I must say!  You can download it here.

She used Tombow’s Mono Adhesive to assemble the snowman card from the printable.  Everybody needs a snow buddy.  Print it out and make yourself one.  Be sure to share a picture with us.


Laura (and Meredith)

PS:  She made a sign for our Snow Guard too.  This was taken last night when he was guarding the snow collection container.  More on that in another blog post to come! кейлоггер из этих программа шпион

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3 Responses to Printable Snowman Craft for Kids

  1. Lisa Lee says:

    I am super excited that Meredith has such a special “other mother” that is creative like she is. She enjoys creating things with Laura and they have such a special bond. We love Laura!

  2. admin says:

    Ah, thanks Lisa! Mere rocks. Can she sleep over again tonight? Surely, there will not be school…

  3. Jerrye Parker says:

    Mere is in her element!!! I am so excited for her to have someone like you in her life. She is so “artsy/crafty” just like her grandmother here in Memphis. I think her talents will definitely surpass mine. So have fun working with my baby girl. She’s a sponge

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